On Bringing Back more Enhancement Talent Matches

At one point, matches with enhancement talent (“jobbers”) was a bit more normal. For an average episodic WWE (then WWF) show, the attractions were often the stars themselves, not always the high-stakes clash between stars. These would be reserved for major and premium events.

I’ve heard a minority position that the WWE should make moves toward returning to such an approach. It does not seem very appealing to me, but I saw something in tonight’s WWE Monday Night Raw that may make this work.

It piqued me interest to see two enhancement talent matches close together. The first was the Lucha House Party match versus three local talents. The match was a typical squash match against enhancement talent, but the fans seemed entertained. This was a showcase match. Each member of the Lucha House Party team showed off exciting “high spots,” and engaged in quick, coordinated multi-man spots. Showcase over, 1-2-3, victory. The fans enjoyed the high risk moves and smart choreography.

Soon after, Lacey Evans had a not as exciting match against an enhancement talent. While the fans may not have been as excited about this match, the match worked as a plot point. Several potential challengers, should Evans become Raw Women’s Champion, watched the match. Evans then warned them against challenging her, should they win the Money in the Bank briefcase.

This was something that could have been accomplished in a promo slot. Evans could have spoken alone about this. The potential challengers could have come to the ring and talked about the match, only to be interrupted by Evans, who warns them against challenging her. Instead, this message is delivered as the capstone to a wrestling match. By utilizing enhancement talent, Evans did not have to unnecessarily “bury” and established wrestler.

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