Michelle Obama Blames Trump for Her Husband’s Policies? Sort of.

Originally posted at https://kennethvaughan.substack.com/p/michelle-obama-blames-trump-for-her

Earlier in the afternoon, I received an Apple News notification that Michelle Obama had been fact checked on her attacks on Trump’s immigration policies. I was admittedly skeptical, as Apple sourced this from Fox News.

As I dug in, I first found other conservative publications reporting on this, claiming that Michelle Obama was “Trump for her husband’s cages.” Again, I confess to considering the sources and being skeptical.

I eventually found more mainstream sources discussing the story and decided to read the Associate Press’s fact check and watch re-watch the clip in question. The AP’s fact check is accurate, but this does not exonerate President Trump in the least.

To her references to children in cages, it true that a viral image circulated blaming the Trump administration for migrant children sleeping in cages. And yes, to the embarrassment of the Democratic Party, this photo was re-dated to 2014. Not long afterwards, a UN report on conditions in migrant facilities went viral, likewise for the purposes of condemning the Trump administration. And again, to the Democrat Party’s embarrassment, a clarification was issued re-dating this report to 2015.

It seems accurate to say that this is an embarrassing moment in Michelle Obama’s speech. I believe it is fair to say that she described conditions as novel to the Trump administration that were actually present in her husband and Biden’s administration.

On the other hand, it is disingenuous for Trump supporters to dismiss these as Obama’s policies. Like President Obama did, President Trump repeatedly asserts federal authority on immigration related issues. Any policy that he has inherited and kept is his. In fact, he has taken some of the more disturbing policies from the Obama administration and ran with them. It is not only the Democratic Party who must be held accountable for remaining silent on the poor treatment of migrants under their last president, but Trump supporters should explain how they can speak about these policies are bad under the Obama administration, but a worse version as good under the Trump Administration.

The sad state of affairs is that a record of poor treatment of migrants is on the ballot in both Trump and Biden.

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